Electrical isolators are a kind of manually operated switch, which separate the electrical power from the rest of the system. We as Transpower Switchgear industries, engaged in manufacturing, exporting & supplying of various range of electrical isolators which can easily be fitted in any industrial applications. Our offered isolators require low maintenance and also solid in design. These are mostly accepted for its precise engineering and effectiveness.

There are different types of electrical isolators available in the market depending upon the requirements. For Ex: Single break isolators, Double break isolators, Pantograph isolators etc. It can also be categorized as per the position of power system like line side isolator, Bus side isolator, Transfer bus side isolator etc.

There is no circular segment extinguishing strategy utilized in isolator, henceforth it must be worked when the circuit is free from any current. Opening or shutting any live circuit by isolator is risky on the grounds that there can be enormous arcing between the contacts. A hand isolator can work voltages that are dependent upon 145kV, while higher voltages that are more than 245kV require mechanized isolators.

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  • Gang Operated Switch
  • Single Air Break Switch
  • Combine G.O.D. & D.O.F

Our gamut of products includes:

Isolators Up To 33kv 1600 amps
We offer a range of isolators, (G.O.D) and H.T. air break switch (G.O.D.) to our customers.

The range is available with us in following types:

  • Horizontal / vertical type, single break
  • Tilting type / double break
  • Rotating type
  • Single/double break consisting of hot dip galvanized channel iron base
  • Original post type HT insulators
  • Copper or copper alloy high pressure heavily tnned contacts
  • Plated miled steel orcing horns capable of breaking the magnetizing current complete with horizontal connecting bar G I Pipe as down rod levers
  • Coupling and operating handle with locking arrangements in voltages upto and including 33KV line switchyard
  • Current upto and including 1600 Amps manufactured as per IS 9921 & 1818