Electrical Isolators Exporters India

Transformer Oil filtration services are very necessary for any kind of transformer, as it upgrades the functional strength & effectiveness of the transfomer. We as established company in power sector provide or setup the transformer oil filtration plant, which are suitable for various different applications with highest accuracy. Due to our Higly qualified & expert engineers, we have various featured traits whioch are most appropriate to increase the utility factors of transformer. We gained the peak position in providing transformer oil filtartion plant in the market due to our quality driven & innovative services.We offer oil filtration upto 50,000 KVA Transformer. We are having 3000 Leter/- Per Hour double Stage Oil Filtration & Dehydration Plants. We are engaged in providing maintenance, repairing & testing services of transforemr ACB, OCB, Panel Boards etc.

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Suitable for

  • Transformer-oil filtration plant operations
  • Remove impurities like dirt, moisture, air and other gases from mineral based silicon and synthetic oils
  • Onsite operation, the plant can be towed with tractor or jeep
  • Filtering and dehydrating Transformer Oil
  • Improve dielectric strength as per IS: 335/1983 & IS1866/2000
  • High-Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration
  • All types of electrical insulating oils
  • Systems are in flow rates from 300 LPH to 8000 LPH
  • Custom-built plants can be provided as per customer’s specific requirement, such as more flow-rates